Covid 19

COVID-19 Update: Activity & Learning at The Hub

Safety strategies;

-  All employees will wear a face shield at all times with an a mask when                                working directly with children.

-  Children 6 ft apart from each other unless siblings.

-  Handwashing after bathroom use, before meals with sanitizers used as they change          work station.  There are also sanitizers at the entrance to the Hub.

-  Only 10 people max in the Hub throughout the day to ensure everyone's protection.

    Ages 5 - 14 only.

-  One parent at a time in the center as children are brought in and picked up.

-  The teacher will check-in and check-out all children.

-  Preferrable, the same person to check-in and pick up the child.

-  No-touch thermometer check on arrival to Hub.  Remember to also check their                  temperature at home before coming to the Hub.