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Classes begin August 17th. 2020

60%/40% In-person/virtual                                                       

SciTech Academy is a non-traditional private school (in accreditation process), providing quality alternative educational choices to parents since 2019.  We provide an alternate route to formal education where parents register with the Georgia Department of education to homeschool their child(ren) using a DOI (declaration of intent) form.  This can be done online or by mail, use this Department Of Education link to learn more and apply.  Parents, remember, you must also disenroll your child(ren) from their public/private school to complete this process.   Upon approval, it will be declared that parents will be responsible for their child(ren) education and with the partnership of SciTech Academy, we can work together to ensure, not only their academic success but also success in life.

How we work;

-  Enrolled students receive an assessment of their Math, and reading skills.

-  They are then placed in classes based on the results, not age or grade level.

-  We have two academic options;

           1.  Students come in at least once a week to drop off or pick up work for the week.  Assignments are completed at home virtually  OR

           2.  Students/parents choose from available courses and students come in on those days & time for class based on our Schedule of Classes.

-  Every month, parents receive a progress report, and at the end of the semester, a final grade report.

-  Seniors will have graduation and a year-end trip, party, or other get-a-way.

-  Once the accreditation process is complete, seniors can immediately apply for the HOPE scholarship, if qualify.

We have a staggering class schedule to ensure that no more than 12 children are in the center at any given time, the schedule is listed below.  If you need your child to be here for a longer period of time, like a typical school day or longer, call 770-856-1818.

Classes for 2020 - 2021 School year (coming 8/3/2020)


Academic Plan # 1

Students attend The Academy on the day for classes.  

Ages 5 - 12 - Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 9:00 am to 3:00 pm


Ages 13 - 18: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 9 am to 3 pm

Some electives and club meetings are held after 1 pm daily.

Academic Plan # 2

Students pick up and drop off work, with 3 hrs. max per week for tutoring.  Students on this academic plan can also join any club at The Academy

Currently in the process of accreditation with the Georgia Accrediting Commission.                                    


Schedule of classes 2020 - 2021

(coming 8/3/2020)

Academic clubs 2020 - 2021

(coming 8/3/2020)

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