Associate # 1 - Deja W

Deja is a pre-med junior at Agnes Scott College majoring in Biolody.  She has worked in the child care field for over 3 years.  She is patient, caring and dedicated to the intellectual growth of each child.

Associate # 2 - Taylor N

Taylor is a junior at Kennesaw State University majoring in Community Health.  She has worked in the field of child care for over 5 years and enjoys teaching and working children, ages 2 - 14.  She is patient and kind and hope to one day open her own facility to care of little ones.


Rebecca has a Bachelor's degree in Literature and has been sewing since she was a small child, and has been teaching crafts and sewing for over ten years to children and adults. Her areas of instruction are hand embroidery, historic garments and techniques, dolls and doll clothes, and useful items for everyone, but her favorite thing is to share her knowledge with others so that they can gain their own 'secret' super-powers.


Associate # 3

MELAINE - 2.jpg


Melaine (Lanie) Cassells, the founder of SciTech Hub has been an educator for over 20 years and holds a gifted and science teaching certification in Virginia, Florida, and Georiga.  She is a lifelong learner, with a passion and talent for nurturing young minds. Through the programs and activities at The Hub, Lanie spreads her philosophy that children can excel in education if taught using hands-on activities that center on decision making, communicating, and collaborating 21st-century skills that help them make meaningful connections between learning and everyday life.  With a Bachelor's in Chemistry, minor in physics and a Masters in Accounting, she uses her knowledge and talent to help children become more confident in their academic abilities.  Melaine is also the founder of Cassells & Associates Accounting Firm that offers free tax education classes to high school students and has developed the entrepreneurial program at SciTech Academy for children interested in starting their own business.

Mission Statement

Our mission at SciTech Hub is to encourage and nurture the natural educational curiosity of learners in a positive, caring and supportive environment. 



  • To increase the love of science and math in all learners.

  • Provide a venue for creative children to work on their talents such as arts & crafts, sewing, and woodcraft.

  • To provide a venue for parents to leave their little ones for up to 4 hours so they can relax, go shopping or pursue other independent relaxing activities.

  • To create a community of learners that are confident in their science and math abilities.

  • To help promote and support the concept of entrepreneurship.

  • To help reinforce knowledge from public and homeschool.

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